On The Needles

Creative ruts are not helped, if like me, you decide to take on massive but very dull projects. All at once. And then don't touch them because they are very boring, very large and, never ending.

Behold my Slytherin scarf! Oh how I adore you, you'll be so cosy come October! You'll compliment my hair and skin tone! You'll let people know I can be a touch ruthless when it comes to board games. But do you have to take so long? It seems I can't marathon enough T.V. or audio books to satisfy you. And yarn. Oh my, so much yarn.

But oh how I love a scarf than can be referred to as a swathe.

So I shall persist. We've got Netflix, and the BBC iPlayer. I figure one evening's solid knitting a week should do it? The yarn is cascade 2020 in hunter green (8893) and Grey (8509, I am vaguely following this pattern and using tech knitter's stationary jogless stripe

In case you were thinking "Minnie, one endless project is hardly a creative rut. Give over." Well friend let me show you my boot socks.

I've only started them about 5 times to settle on a plain sock with an afterthought heel. (The Yarn harlot sums up afterthought heels way better than I can so why even try?) More mindless knitting. Because I just can't get enough apparently. I do love the yarn though, its Opal Xlarge 8-fach Wintermond in the colourway Silvesternacht. Nice cosy boot socks in a bit of a mad colour. You'd have to try very hard to go wrong with these.

I am frogging one of the projects I cast on in a bizarre fit of stockinette stitch fever. Georgia is a pattern I wanted to love.

The pattern actually isn't the problem at all. It's just yet more dull knitting and I think next time I'll do a knitted on button band. Perhaps in a deep red. I think if I were to give this pattern say three days solid knitting over a long ferry journey and a lot of time being passenger in the car then we could get on very well indeed.

I dyed some vintage JC Rennie 4 ply I'd been given to this frankly wonderfully, eye searing shade of green but it's just not the right fit.This yarn really wants to be something with lace. Mount Pleasant would be cute over a black top and jeans, so would Tegna. A nice Scottish summer sort of outfit. Or how about Abisko for a more versatile garment seasonally? I'm also a lot in love with Spritz Stripes, I think it'd be very wearable.

But man, all suggestions are welcome. I'm not above asking for a little help to get out of my knitting rut.

Minnie xox


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